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Reasons to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer Before You Start a Claims Process

There is a process that you should follow for you to get compensated by the medical and car insurers after a car accident. Sign an Retainer Agreement or Letter of Engagement agreement with a car accident lawyer. Here are the benefits of a car accident lawyer in a claims process.

The parties involved in a car accident case are the medical, auto and other insurance companies like car and medical insurers, police, owner of the other car and its driver, DMV, and the doctors. Report the accident immediately it happens to the auto and medical insurers but do not allow them to engage you in conversations without your lawyer. Do not answer questions, sign documents or reveal contacts of your attorney to the insurers or other parties. Seek medical reports on time about your medical state after the accident. You should be cautious not to discuss the case with other parties without guidance from your car accident attorney.

The car accident attorneys work with accident scene investigators to get evidences from camera footages from the cameras that are around the scene of the accident; more eye witnesses; your doctor’s appointments and reports; reconstruct the accident; meet all the parties that are involved in the case like the insurers’ claims adjusters, and more.Hand over all the basic evidence that is in your possession like the medical reports. Explain your encounter with the accident to the lawyer with all honesty.

You will sit back and relax as the car accident lawyers gather evidence that will strengthen your arguments in court. After the evidence has been collected and arranged properly by the lawyers, they will send a claims demand to the insurers through a personal injury demand letter. The letter contains details of your physical, emotional, financial and more effects that accident has had on you. You letter will state that you will free the insurers from all the liabilities they have if they compensate you the claim amount that the lawyers provide in the letter.

Before you take the issue to court, the lawyers will find ways to help you get compensation from the insurer out of the court. The insurance company will decide to settle you out of the court or go for trial after they collect their evidence and evaluate their case. The insurer will offer you a counter offer for you to negotiate with them if they agree with your demands and want to avoid going to court. The car accident attorneys are your legal representatives in these negotiations with the insurers hence they negotiate on your behalf.

The lawyer will help you to file a lawsuit correctly. A law suit is your last option to resort to if the insurers are not cooperative. The court will order all the relevant parties that are involved in the case to commence the process of discovery after you file a lawsuit. The plaintiff and defendant exchange their documents, legal details and questionnaires, conduct depositions and requested documents outside the courtroom for them to reach on an agreement. If a resolution cannot be reached, the court makes the final ruling on your car accident personal injury claim and the financial amount you should be compensated.

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